DESPITE THE HEAVY winds, thunder, and near-torrential downpour that occurred around 4pm our first day in Florence, I couldn’t help but name this week’s post after Frances Mayes perfectly titled book. I began reading Under the Tuscan Sun for the first time while on this trip, and it gave me actual goosebumps to read about such beautiful landscape while experiencing it myself. I could think of no better title!

Our trip to Italy was possibly our best trip together yet  ( – I say possibly because I always seem to say that when I get home from visiting a new place, but there truly wasn’t anything about Italy that wasn’t inspiring or delicious). The food was as excellent as the locals claimed, the stunning views and architecture left me longing for life in a Tuscan villa, and the wine was tasty and plentiful, which made the former look and taste even better. ;) Best of all, though, was the amazing gelato that I had heard so much talk about. And somehow, I must have felt skinnier in Italy than I do eating sweets anywhere else in the world, because I had at least two 3-scoop cones each day and could have easily had more!

IMG_3847IMG_3675tuscanyIMG_3782tuscany6IMG_3718IMG_3776IMG_3874tuscany4IMG_4036IMG_4048tuscany2IMG_4171IMG_4066IMG_4201IMG_4245tuscany7IMG_4202IMG_4244 tuscany8IMG_4489IMG_5114IMG_4528IMG_4233IMG_4260IMG_4348



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