TWO WEEKS AGO, my good friend Jackie and her sister – both of whom I’ve known for over 20 years – came to visit Germany. It had been their first time in the region, so in my mind there was no place better to take them than to the Bodensee. The 63-kilometer-long lake connects Switzerland, Austria, and Germany at their borders and is cozily nestled into the beautiful Alps, making it the perfect place to enjoy a bit of all three counties in just a day or two. We spent the afternoon enjoying the lake by boat, exploring the castle in Meersburg, and feeding monkeys at the Affenberg in Salem (which was quite hilarious).

IMG_9254IMG_9230   IMG_9383IMG_9261 bodensee_collage 2 IMG_9418IMG_9395   IMG_9432  bodensee_collage 1 IMG_9485 IMG_9495IMG_9290 IMG_9504IMG_9598


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