I WAS IN Copenhagen just briefly last week, but the little that I did experience has me wanting more. The autumn air was just cool enough for the leaves to have already turned a beautiful gold, while the locals’ windows were thrown happily open to welcome the last bits of Northern European sun.

Though my time in the city was short, the harbors and boutiques lent me a pretty good idea of what this ancient viking city is all about. It is as if Coastal Maine, Amsterdam and NYC teamed up to form a nautically-chic, ‘foodie’ Metropolis with top-notch interior design skills and, not to mention, a super relaxed atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back, but in the meantime, here is a bit of Scandinavia to keep us satisfied.

IMG_7397IMG_7319 IMG_7322  IMG_7307crop - KopieIMG_7390 copenhagen2 - KopieIMG_7311 - KopieIMG_7304 - Kopie    IMG_7358 - KopieIMG_7409copenhagen5 - KopieIMG_7327 - KopieIMG_7373 - KopieIMG_7362 - KopieIMG_7407square.jpgIMG_7303 - Kopie         IMG_7786


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