I SPENT A day in Zürich last week and the sights were even lovelier than I had imagined: men in black suits, bustling from bank to bank; sweet shop windows stacked high with confectioneries; and passenger boats passing right through the center of town.

After getting off the train at Zurich’s main station, I made a bee line for Sprüngli for some decadent souvenirs and their signature Luxemburgerli macarons, and later enjoyed a schnitzel lunch at Café Odeon – an early 1900s café that has as much history as it has the charm. I was drawn in by its high ceiling and chandeliers, large windows, and marble-clad walls, but was surprised to read that not only did Picasso and Coco Chanel meet with friends at this historic café, but many politicians (think: Lenin, Mussolini and Trotsky) have also gone in and out its doors. The art deco-inspired café also serves all the tempting classics like gimlets, juleps, and Pimm’s No1 cup, to quickly take you from day to night.

Read more about Café Odeon and its history here.



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