I WAS PLEASANTLY surprised by the shops in Iceland and their ability to mix natural and modern elements just right. Throughout our trip we saw quality products with the most amazing textures: fur, lava rock, and lopi yarn made from the wool of Icelandic sheep. Of course, my favorite things to browse were the Icelandic sweaters, or Lopapeysas, which seem to still be commonly worn by the Icelandic people despite its 1950’s origin.

Perhaps the best part about these beautiful sweaters is not the yolk design or flattering colors, but the fact that each sweater we saw had a hand-written tag from the man or woman who knitted it. One store in particular noted that they have 90 people who knit for them–the oldest being 90 and the youngest 23! These pieces definitely had me loving Iceland that much more, and I wish I could have brought some of Iceland home with me.

Here are five things you might consider bringing with you when leaving Iceland:
1. A Lopapeysa – The Lopi wool has earned a reputation for its warmth, lightness, and insulation against the cold, even when wet. Plus, they look great.
2. Your choice of: Brennivin Schnapps or Reyka Vodka – If you dare, go with the Schnapps (which is also commonly known as ‘black death’–yikes!). It is unique to the country, unlike vodka which you could buy elsewhere.
3. A wool blanket or an Angantíra candle from Geysir – This shop is amazing and, if I had the ability, I would buy everything.
4. Pylsur hot dog sauce – Correct me if I am wrong, but I can’t find this stuff anywhere on the Internet, including Amazon. But bring this home and add some fried onion bits and you have yourself an Icelandic hot dog!
5. Lava rock – Whether it be small and hanging from a necklace, or a large, hollowed-out bowl, lava rock can add both texture and an unexpected natural element to your home or wardrobe.



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