DUE TO THE special geological location of Iceland, the country is gifted with the natural wonder of geothermal energy, giving visitors the chance to hunt down hidden hot springs, thermal swimming pools, 10,000 year old geysers and rivers warm enough to bathe in. This geothermal situation turned out to be quite useful for Chris and I, who spontaneously decided to rent a car and sleep on the road; hot springs turned out to be our best friends.

Our favorite spots were the Seljavallalaug thermal pool and the Reykjadalur River. The hike to Reykjadalur was exhausting and smelled of sulfur. But the final destination–and all the sheep we saw along the way–made for an unforgettable experience. After about an hour of hiking we happened upon the most perfect, private spot. It was 10:30pm and the summer sun was still in the sky, creating a soft glow on the steam that came off the hot water. We parked our bags, cracked open two Gull beers, and sat in the river until our hands and feet wrinkled like raisins. We laughed nonstop–probably partially because of a lack of sleep, and partially because we were drinking beer on a trail mix stomach–but mostly because of the fact that life was pretty amazing in that moment, and we couldn’t help but laugh about it.

IMG_3579IMG_4971 iceland.jpgIMG_4965IMG_4311IMG_4971_seljavellirIMG_4257IMG_4944IMG_3599IMG_3601


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