HOUSED IN AN old biscuit factory in downtown Reykjavik is KEX: a quirky social hostel nestled in the heart of the city and just steps away from the best shops, cafés and restaurants. Furnished with salvaged materials and found objects, KEX’s interior is a blend of vintage-industrial – with a bit of Brooklyn fair, if I may.

Though it houses up to 142 guests and comes equipped with a laundry room, gym, and guest kitchen, KEX is more than just a hostel. Travelers can enjoy the café, bar, and heated outdoor patio as a place to unwind, meet other travelers, and bombard Instagram followers with Icelandic landscapes using KEX’s free wi-fi. ;) Though Christoph and I didn’t stay here, the friendly staff at KEX was generous enough to let me take a look around with my camera. As I photographed, I couldn’t help but smile and think about the many travelers who have walked in and out of its doors with eagerness to explore Iceland.





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