AS A LIFELONG resident of Michigan, there’s nothing I dislike more than shoveling pounds of snow off the driveway. But in the blanketed foothills of Riezlern, Austria,  I found my love for snow to be a bit different. If there were ever a place in the world that could get me excited about snowfall, a log cabin in the Austrian Alps would be it. While on a ski trip this past winter, Chris and I woke up to the most incredible landscape that I’ve seen. Everywhere I looked were shades of blue and white and a haze that blurred everything in the distance, as if in a dream. The nearest town, which was about a kilometer away, appeared frozen in time as nearby huskies howled and played in the untouched snow. It was nothing short of a magical, winter wonderland.IMG_0073IMG_0079.jpg




  1. I lived the first 25yrs of my life in MI…so I feel your pain. That being said I completely understand how a mountain cabin in Austria is diametically opposed to perhaps enduring your 3rd straight overcast snowy day in a row in metro Detroit. All snow & cold are not the some. Austria is on my bucket list btw…either summer or winter…I don’t really care. TFS!

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