BACK WHEN CHRIS and I first started dating we took a trip to Florida with some friends who, like Chris, had been visiting from Germany. The trip was in January so the weather wasn’t overly warm, but the palm trees and bright flowers were a welcomed change after the cold Michigan air which had nipped at our noses all the way to the airport. We saw Miami, Naples, and Key West–three cities that are completely separate in architecture and lifestyle, yet all embracing the laidback, Floridian attitude that the state is known for. miami6378840_10150475518557725_1414961616_nnaples405785_10150468938292725_1625196682_n406484_10150468940177725_1287892960_nmiami8405473_10150468959052725_2055369128_n381677_10150468948787725_2055676792_n403906_10150468946037725_285547449_n381017_10150468933992725_1766369593_n381169_10150468931227725_1762471863_n




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