SINCE WE SURPRISINGLY didn’t do much research before our trip to Heidelberg, I wasn’t sure of what to expect before visiting. But after a day spent walking through the old town and photographing its picturesque cityscape, the romantic city quickly rose to Number 1 on my list of favorite towns in Germany. In addition to playing architecture paparazzi and sampling some of the best rhubarb and cranberry schnapps at Alte Brennerei, Christoph and I enjoyed an improptu picnic beneath a large bush (seriously) to escape a downpour. I must say that the idea to hide inside a bush was pretty thrifty and natural-selectionesque on our end, but lightening eventually forced us to seek proper shelter, leading us to Brauhaus Vetter. With a picnic in tote and blanket overhead, Chris and I ran down a cobbled pathway, past a grouping of cows, through a castle square, and into the warm brewhouse for a couple of pints of regional beer. It was just like a movie. Only, in the movies the girl’s hair is combed, and she isn’t putting dry napkins into her shoes…  Where’s my hair and wardrobe team?!?PicMonkey Collage4PicMonkey Collage9IMG_2011_neu.jpgPicMonkey Collage10PicMonkey Collage11PicMonkey Collage5IMG_1957PicMonkey Collage7IMG_2115PicMonkey Collage1IMG_2159


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